Susan Webb Tregay's book
(DVD sold out, can be viewed at ArtistsNetwork.com)
Master Watercolor Disaster,
5 Ways to Rescue Desperate Watercolors

Finish that painting and take your work to new heights.

Finishing a painting is by far the hardest part of art, but until a piece is done, it gets tucked away and chalked up as another failure. This book is not meant to teach you how to paint like me, but how to paint like yourself--only better! No matter what media you choose to work in, let me walk you through the last 15 or 20 percent of your painting. Through these 5 steps, you will learn to "master disaster." Students who have taken this course have told me that I changed their lives. Now let me change yours.


Master Disaster is based on the experiences derived from teaching my most popular course, "Master Disaster, 5 Steps to Finishing your Paintings." With 300 images to guide you, learn to work your through the last 20 percent of your painting in any media. Master Disaster is also a wonderful overview of my work. Both traditional and contemporary paintings in watercolor and various mixed media will guide you to dynamically crossing the finish line with each of your paintings. (North Light Publishers, 2007, $29.99.)

Through 5 simple steps, you will learn to master disaster
in any media. No more wimpy watercolors.
No more disjointed acrylics. Kill it or cure it.
Learn 25 ways to unify your paintings.
Make them pull viewers in from across the room.
Introduce mood and content into your work
through color strategies.
Work your way through this book, then move on.
This book give you 8 specific ideas for continued growth.

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Autographed copies will be available from me at susan@tregay.com. ($29.99 plus shipping),
call me at 828 693-0553.

Featured book for the North Light Book Club in April, 2007
Master Disaster, 5 Ways to Rescue Desperate Watercolors
is available in major book stores and through

Master Disaster, the DVD sold out but can be viewed at ArtistsNetwork.com

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