"Travel Sketching"
with Susan Webb Tregay NWS

Sketching on location can be intimidating. This workshop will help you develop a personal sketching system that both fits a tight travel schedule and reflects your personal tastes. By breaking down your style into four or five steps, you will learn to fit sketching into traveling with others. Learn to think of traveling light, carry painting supplies, and getting through security as challenges–not obstacles.

What to bring? I will advise you on personal clothing, supplies and packing techniques
as well as your art supplies.

1. Start in pencil.
2. Add ink.
3. Paint in the actual colors. Then you may need to move on. Don't worry.
4. Refine your drawing over wine.
5. Refine your painting and enrich your values in your hotel room out of the intense, vacation-spot sunshine.

Personalizing your style:
Limiting your palette.
Try a different sketching tool.
How about an unusual shaped paper?
Pulling your sketch together with washes in your hotel room.
And more.

Lunches, Evenings and Rainy Days will be filled with discussions on the artistic life.

This course can be taught at your location, or bring me along on a trip with your group. I love to travel and spend serious time with students and artists. See my Italian sketches for some ideas. Contact me at for more information.