WATERCOLOR 101, Jump Start your Painting

with Susan Webb Tregay NWS
1. Contour drawing for fun, realism or abstracting images.
PROJECT: Develop a sketch into a painting plan.
2. Avoid "mud" by starting your painting with your most transparent colors.
PROJECT: Identifying the more opaque colors.
3. How to run a wash.
PROJECT: Begin your piece with wet-on-wet painting.
Breaking up your washes into manageable sized pieces.
4. Don't leave the background for last! What to put into your background, what to avoid and what to leave out.
5. Values: "Second verse, same as the first." Keep layering in the colors. No wimpy watercolors allowed. Creating a focal point with high value contrast.
PROJECT: Develop you values.
6. Negative painting.
PROJECT: break up space.
7. Making corrections with stencils. Finishing up. What about Content?
What is content? How can color choices suggest mood?
Working in a Series.
Slides and actual paintings of all sorts
RECOMMENDED READING: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards.

This is a 2-4 day workshop. While all of my workshops are appropriate for artists of all levels of experience, this one will take a total beginner and give them the skills to enjoy painting and enter more advanced classes later.
Since traveling light is always the best way to go these days, organizations are responsible for supplying the copies of handouts. Master copies can be mailed ahead of time, if necessary.
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